It feels like just yesterday we released an update, and now we have another one! Our walkthrough of Murder in the Alps: Ladies of the Night has been published. Work has now begun on Gray Nature. Murder In the Alps: Ladies of the Night Walkthrough | CrimsonTear

Wizardry 8 Lower Monastery Map released!

 The first page of our Wizardry 8 Guide is now out!  The guide is still a little bare, but the maps and walkthrough is being created first, with other sections to follow. Wizardy 8 Lower Monastery Interactive Map
 Murder in the Alps: Ladies of the Night Collectables Happy New Years! To start of the new year we have released the list and locations of collectables for Part 3, chapter 2. Murder in the Alps: Ladies of the Night Collectables | CrimsonTear

Murder in the Alps: The Dada Killer Walkthrough Complete and Wizardry 8 Guide Update

I am happy to announce that the  walkthrough for Murder In the Alps: The Dada Killer  is finally complete; however, it took longer than expected due to the chapter's length and complexity (and unexpected hiccups in my health). I have already started working on the next chapter, which should be ready in January or earlier if everything goes according to plan. Of course, my health and any unforeseen issues may affect the schedule, but I will do my best to deliver it on time. Work on the Wizardry 8 game guide has slowly begun, too, although it is far from ready to go live. I have decided to focus on the maps and walkthroughs (different for each game start) first since those sections are the most popular and take the most time to create. I am striving to make the maps something completely new, with a higher level of interactivity, and using layers to display the map so that floors don't impede the ability to see what is under them. A new logo has been created for this entry, which

The New Bird on the Blog

Crimson Tear It has been requested that I start a blog section for the game guides, much like we had when we were focusing on TV shows. Since guides are not as quick to publish - it often takes me a month to create a new page - we'll be focusing on the old while highlighting the new!  I will try to highlight at least one page a week, but I will try to do more when the time allows.